In compliance with the state of Colorado

Our Safety Plan

General Employees

  • Each employee will have their temperature checked before clocking in (If their temp is 100.4O F they will be sent home.)
  • Employees will be monitored daily for the following symptoms, that cannot be otherwise explained:

If an employee reports or exhibits any of the above symptoms, take all the following steps.

  • Send the employee home immediately.
  • Encourage the employee to get tested. Options for testing are available at www.elpasocountyhealth.org.
  • Exclude the employee from work until he or she is fever-free for three (3) days without the use of fever-reducing medication, AND at least ten (10) days have passed since the first symptom appeared, AND symptoms have significantly improved. Each employee will be provided with protective equipment appropriate to their position, and task, with direction of use. Gloves, masks, or other equipment to offer enhanced protection during their shifts.
    • If employees wish to wear personally styled PPE’s (i.e. – fabric design on face covering), they must comply with safety standards and they must be compliant with dress policy.
  • Limit the number of employees in working areas to maintain recommended spacing for distancing with markings on the floor dictating social distancing.
  • Hand sanitizing solution and cleaning products will be provided for the use of employee, as well as in the course of their duties for sanitizing purposes.
  • Breaks by employees will be taken individually in safe distancing provided areas, in the breakroom areas.
  • Only approved and assigned staff will be allowed in the work areas as assigned and directed. All other staff are to remain outside of service areas to maintain control and assure adherence to rules and guidelines. 
  • Any employee not in compliance with the guidelines will be first warned and educated in the measures required upon first offense, and if behavior continues, will be dismissed.


  • For the protection of all our employees and guests; any guest showing obvious signs of illness will be asked to please not participate in the tour for the day, and please return when they are well.
  • All guests are required to wear a face mask that covers their nose and mouth.
  • During activities such as climbing wall, Via Ferrata and ropes course or similar strong physical exertion, masks may be removed to permit for better respiration and increased oxygen intake only if you are having difficulty breathing. Masks must be worn at all other times.
  • It is required that all guests wear masks during the tour.
  • There are signs up to help reinforce COVID protocols to ensure continue guest safety.
  • Signage will be posted in the parking lot and around the property with COVID protocols as well as staff to greet and direct arriving guest to alleviate confusion and help with the flow of guest traffic.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for use by the guests at the desks, and entry and exit points.
  • Each morning the staff will begin the sanitation process of all public areas, entries, exits, and surfaces in the giftshop, and pavilion, for example counters, displays, vending machines. All doors, handles, and railings, in the public areas, gift shop, and pavilion as well as the normal daily required bathrooms surfaces, sinks, handles, toilets, bars, baby changing stations will be sanitized.
    • All stations will be checked frequently to ensure that all areas remain clean and sanitized.
    • A more extensive signoff sheet will be posted to ensure tasks are being completed and signed off each day.

Cavern Tour

  • Employees will wear masks throughout the whole tour.
  • All guests are required to wear a face mask that covers their nose and mouth during the tour.
  • Handrails will be cleaned in between each tour
  • Groups of no more than 9 people, plus the tour guide on any given tour. No more than 10 people ever.
  • Guests will be directed on social distancing protocols.
  • Ticket sales are going to happen at our Frontier Canyon. (This will allow for more social distancing)
  • The tour of the cave tour will be given in only one direction to avoid meeting another tour group, so to avoid  groups having to pass each other.

Gemstone Panning

  • Identifying markers will be placed at 6-foot intervals to create social distancing
  • Sluicing trays are going to be cleaned with a bleach solution before and after each use.
  • A chlorine tablet will be placed in the water tank daily to kill any virus or bacteria


  • Maintenance crews will be allowed to limit the use of face coverings during certain tasks at their prerogative.
  • If working near other employees or guests, face covering will be mandatory


  • Photo personnel shall wear all recommended masks and gloves
  • Only individual social groups will have their photo taken
  • While taking photo the employee will remain at least 6 feet from all guests.
  • There is plexiglass at all the registers

Gift Shop

  • All the register are more than 6 feet apart.
  • There are markers on the floor to help guest with social distancing
  • There is plexiglass at all the registers
  • There are masks and gloves for all the clerks to wear.

Outdoor Activities

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for use by the guest and staff at each ride
  • There are 6 feet markers on the ground for the lines at each ride
  • Cleaning solution will be used between each ride
  • Harnesses will be disinfected between each use and will be cleaned every night
  • The Magic Lantern ride will be remaining closed for this season due to COVID 19.


  • In keeping with recommendations and guidelines, “Safe Distancing” markers and identifiers will be placed throughout the public areas, gift shop, and pavilion for guests to follow.
    • These markers will reinforce COVID protocols to ensure continued guest safety.
    • Signage will be posted in the parking lot stating our policy, as well as staff to greet and direct arriving guests to alleviate confusion and help with the traffic, and flow of guests
    • The front walkway will have directions, with traffic markers stating Safe Distancing to indicate proper spacing.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for use by the guests and employees at the desks, and entry and exit points (depending on availability)
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