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Caves almost feel like an alien world! The surreal environment hosts animals we normally never see in our everyday lives and contains troves of geological oddities. In those ways, caves really are separate worlds, just waiting for us to explore!

Fun Facts!

Rock formations

  • Caves take many millions of years to form, with Cave of the Winds starting over 500 million years ago!
  • Most of the cave formations in this area are made of limestone, which was formed by millions of years of seashells being pressed together. In parts of the caves, you can see the layers, or striations, of rock!
  • Speleothems are cave decorations. The most common speleothems are stalactites and stalagmites. They form very slowly from dripping water. They form so slowly that it can take a thousand years for one cubic inch to grow. Imagine if you grew that slowly!The speleothems’ color is determined by mineral content. You will see deep oranges and reds at Cave of the Winds Mountain Park, which means that there is lots of iron in the formations.
Bats are our Friends


Bats are not our enemy, but they are actually very important friends! A world without bats would be overflowing with bugs and creepy creatures. Bats are like bees, in that they pollinate plants. Pollination is important- without it, plants would not be able to produce seeds or fruit. Every time you eat a peach, you might have a bat to thank for that!

Cave Crickets and Spiders
Other Mammals


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