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Cave History

History books might show Cave of the Winds as being discovered 147 years ago, but the caves are actually millions of years old. Learn More

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Intro to Caving

Caving is growing in popularity, as people are drawn to both the adventure of the sport and to the scientific wonders it uncovers. Learn More

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Cave Geology

Almost 500 million years ago, during the Ordovician period of the Paleozoic Era, something amazing happened in our area. Learn More

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Cave Ecology

Caves and their ecosystems are considered by many scientists to be among the most fragile ecosystems on the planet. Learn More


Just for Kids

Caves almost feel like an alien world! The surreal environment hosts animals we normally never see in our everyday lives and contains troves of geological oddities. Learn More

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Nothing gets children excited about learning like a true hands-on experience! Cave of the Winds Mountain Park can provide the hands-on experience for your kids and help them to develop a passionate curiosity about the world around them. Learn More

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