Geo 101: Grades 5 – 8

A wonderful challenge for middle school students, the Geology 101: Underground Adventures program includes:

  • An extended cave tour
  • Geology lab
  • Students will investigate cave formations during a tour of Cave of the Winds Mountain Park
  • Students will need to bring a flashlight for a portion of their tour in the Manitou Grand Caverns
  • Expect clothing to get slightly dirty

Available Add-Ons

Make your field trip to Cave of the Winds more educational and more memorable when you add-on our special activities to keep your students busy and learning!

    • Gemstone Panning: Just like miners used to pan for gold during the gold rush, your students will pan for their very own gemstone collection at our Sluice. Everyone is guaranteed to find some! Each student will receive a souvenir bag to take their collection home in. Gemstone Panning is only available March – October due to colder temperatures.
    • Magic Lantern Virtual Reality Theatre: Your students can experience virtual reality where up to 12 people are strapped into a roller coaster type car and given headsets. They will then be sent on one various trips like a roller coaster flying through space, caves, and more. (Everyone must be at least 42″ tall to participate)
    • Outdoor Activities: For a fantastic team building class activity, your students can test their endurance on the Wind Walker Challenge Course and fly like a bat on the Bat-a-Pult Zip Line. (All participants must be at least 48″ tall, weigh less than 300 lbs, and securely fit the harness to ride.) Available March – October only, weather permitting.

Free Add-Ons

These FREE add-ons are included upon request or with groups of 100 or more!
Please add approximately 20 minutes for each add-on and 45 minutes for the outdoor activities.

    • Caver’s Crawl: After learning some of the skills that are required for a caving adventure, students will have a hands-on simulated caving experience in the Caver’s Crawl Box Challenge.
    • Forces of Nature Program: This program will focus on the Waldo Canyon fire, flash floods, lightning and their effects on nature.

Times & Prices

March–May & September–October:

  • Students: $10.00 (tour only)
  • Chaperone: $15.00 (tour only)
  • Please note: Children under 6 years of age may NOT accompany this group
  • Gemstone Panning: $3.00 per student
  • Magic Lantern Virtual Reality Theatre: $3.00 per student
  • Gemstone Panning & Magic Lantern Virtual Reality Theatre: $5.00 per student
  • Outdoor Activities: $10 per student
  • Please note: Groups of fewer than 15 will pay a flat fee of $155.00 (tour only)
  • One teacher or chaperone free with every 15 paid students (tour only)

Reserve Your March-May or Sept-Oct Field Trip


  • Students: $8.00
  • Chaperone: $13.00
  • Please note: Groups of fewer than 15 will pay a flat fee of $125.00 (tour only)
  • Outdoor Activities: Gemstone Panning, Bat-a-Pult, and the Wind Walker Challenge Course are available March – May and September – October, weather permitting.

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