What to Expect

Arrival: Please plan to arrive about 20-30 minutes prior to your tour time to give enough time to get parked and checked-in. There may be heavy traffic and road construction along the way, so be sure to plan enough travel time. If you are going to be late please contact us at 719-550-5060 to let us know as soon as possible. If you are arriving by bus please see the Bus Policy below.

Checking-In: Please have the group leader check in at either the Ticket Office or inside the Gift Shop. Do NOT go directly to the cave entrance or ride gate. The rest of the group may wait in the Pavilion (the large room just outside of the Gift Shop) and our tour guides will come greet them when they are ready to start.

Program Length: All program times are approximate and conditional to the number of your participants and your add-ons. If more people are added to your tour, regardless of status (i.e. Students, Teachers, Chaperones, Volunteers, Parents, Siblings, etc.), your tour may be modified to accommodate the numbers. All changes to your reservation must be made at least 72 hours in advance of your coming to the cave. 

Also, any groups planning shopping time must have at least 1 Chaperones to every 5 students/children in the Gift Shop at one time. If necessary, groups may choose to send in only 5 students/children at a time while the rest of the group waits in the Pavilion.

What to Bring

Cave Tours: The temperature is cool 54 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter what is like outside. Be sure to wear a light jacket or sweater.

Geology 101 Tour: Everyone must bring a flashlight or headlamp for their tour. There will be no other source of light in a portion of the cave where your tour will take place.

Caving 101: Introduction to Caving Tour / Spelunker’s Birthday Party: Please wear clothing you won’t mind getting dirty or possibly ruined by the cave mud. Everyone must bring a headlamp, a pair of gloves, a change of clothes, and an extra pair of shoes. There will be no other source of light in the portion of the cave your tour will take place in.

Pioneer Package: Everyone must be at least 42″ inches tall to go with a paying adult or 48″ inches tall to go alone, weigh less than 300 lbs., and securely fit the harnesses to participate. Everyone must wear long pants or shorts, and closed toed shoes that cannot easily fall off their feet. Skirts cannot be accommodated due to the nature of the full body safety harness. Sandals, flip flops, high heels, etc. will not be allowed on the course or rides.

Terror-Dactyl: Everyone must be at least 48″ inches tall, weigh between 100 lbs. and 250 lbs., and securely fit the harness to ride. Two riders must weigh less than 450 lbs. combined, and have no more than 100 lbs. in difference between them to ride together.

Via Ferrata Canyon Tours & Frontier Zip Lines: Everyone must be at least 12 years of age, between 48″ inches and 82″ inches tall, a minimum of 90 lbs., a maximum of 250 lbs., and securely fit the harness to participate. Please wear long pants or shorts. Skirts cannot be accommodated due to the nature of the harnesses. Wear closed toed tennis or hiking shoes with good traction. Sandals, flip flops, high heels, etc. will not be allowed on the course.

Bus Policy

The road up to Cave of the Winds is a two-lane mountain road with a 12% grade and six (6) hairpin turns.  Well-maintained buses usually have no problem driving up this road.

However, Cave of the Winds requires a notification 15 minutes before your arrival so an employee can block traffic on the road from both directions allowing the bus drivers to safely drive up the road.

Please phone Cave of the Winds at (719) 550-5060, or (719) 685-5444 Ext 6 and tell the employee who answers you are on your way in a bus.  Upon arrival, turn right at the stop light and proceed approximately 500 feet up to the parking area by the flagpole in front of the iron Cave of the Winds archway. An employee will meet you and give you further instructions on when you can proceed up the hill. Do NOT proceed until the employee gives you an “ALL CLEAR.”  As you drive up the road, please take the corners wide and proceed up safely.

When you are ready to go back down the hill, contact the attendant in the Ticket Office. They will arrange to block the road for you again, so you can go down the highway as safely as you came up. Please wait in the bus parking lot until an employee arrives to direct you back down the hill. Do NOT proceed until the employee gives you an “ALL CLEAR.”

If you are going to be early or late for your reservation, please call and notify Cave of the Winds at (719) 685-5444 Ext. 6 of your arrival time to eliminate any delays getting your bus up the road.

Cave of the Winds will not be responsible for any incidents or delays incurred by the bus company if you fail to contact Cave of the Winds in advance or follow the directions given by Cave of the Winds staff upon arrival.

Contact Us

Questions? Contact us at:

Email: info@caveofthewinds.com

Phone: 719-685-5444 ext. 6

Chat: Chat with us online or leave us a message by clicking the icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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