Wind Walker Challenge Course

Wind Walker iconEver wished you could walk on air?

One of our newest attraction, the Wind Walker Challenge Course, is located on the rim of a 600-foot drop into Williams Canyon! Thrill-seekers of all ages can navigate a challenging maze of steel beams, swinging ropes and ladders, wearing a specially designed harness. Safe and fun for the family!

bat-A- pult zip line

Fly through the air at 40 mph? Yes!
On our Bat-A-Pult Zip Line, you can zip at 40 mph from the rim of and into the 600-foot deep Williams Canyon and spring back up to the bat cage on the edge of the Cave of the Winds pavilion.

 Press release – white nose bat syndrome

July 15, 2010

Following the expected announcement this week from the regional US Forest Service Office to close all USFS caves in Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota for a minimum of one year owing to the presence of the White Nose Syndrome fungus in a state-owned cave in west central Oklahoma and a “news tip” report on one Denver television channel regarding the situation of bats carrying White Nose Syndrome (WNS). Cave of the Winds has notified the media and the public that it will remain open and welcome guests while actively informing the general public on the importance of bats and caves to the environment and ecology of our planet. Keep reading…