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With two amazing cave tours, daring attractions, family-friendly and kid-friendly activities atop breathtaking Williams Canyon, Cave of the Winds is the perfect home for ADVENTURE! From morning to night, you’ll find ADVENTURE right here — exploring and soaring on attractions that you’ll remember for years to come! You won’t have to look hard to find your next adventure — ADVENTURE LIVES HERE!


Dollar signAre you an early-bird? A night owl? Maybe you just like a good old-fashioned deal. Whatever your idea of a perfect adventure looks like, our discounts and deals make it easy to save. And if you’re a member of our distinguished armed forces, we’ve created a deal in appreciation of all you do.

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SignpostIs it your first time visiting a Colorado cave? Check out our tips for enhancing your adventure.

Have a question about your visit? See our FAQ section for a list of commonly asked questions and answers about the Cave of the Winds.

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Colorado Springs is the perfect destination spot for you and your family when you’re looking for Colorado natural wonders and fun things to do. With an abundant amount of attractions, there’s something here for everyone.

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