Tours and Attractions

Discovery Tour
What will I do on a Discovery Tour? Our Discovery Tour is an easy, educational, 45-minute walking tour for beginning cavers and families. Our knowledgeable tour guides discuss cave history and geology and answer questions as you explore twisting paths under the mountain. You’ll duck under Fat Man’s Misery, marvel at geological formations like the Giant’s Bleeding Heart and see the Temple of Silence. It’s a perfect Colorado experience!
Time: 45 minutes
Summary: Our most popular family tour!
Frequency: Daily, every 20 to 30 minutes
Tour Prices:
  • Ages 0-5Free
  • Ages 6-12$15
  • Ages 13 & Up$21
  • Ages 6-12 (Military Discount)                     10% off
  • Ages 13 & Up (Military Discount)              10% off
How Long is the Tour? Our educational Discovery Tour is an easy, 45-minute walking tour ideal for beginning cavers and families. 

How often do you have Discovery Tours? Depends on what time of year you come.

Summertime (June – August): We have tours daily starting at 9 a.m. Discovery Tours leave every 20-30 minutes. Last tour leaves approximately 1 hour prior to closing.
Wintertime (September – May): We have tours daily from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tours leave every 30-40 minutes. Last tour leaves at approximately 4:30 p.m.

What Should I bring for a Discovery Tour? Comfortable walking shoes, a light jacket, and your sense of adventure!
Lantern Tour
What will I do on a Lantern Tour? Join us on the Lantern Tour for a rugged cave journey to relive the thrilling experience of early explorers! You’ll travel deep into the Manitou Grand Caverns, exploring passageways and formations lit only by the hand-held lanterns you carry! You’ll hear spooky ghost stories and learn about folklore and background history of Cave of the Winds Mountain Park as you travel through the dimly-lit Marble Hall and Fairy Bridal Chambers. A Lantern Tour is the perfect way to step back in time – and step into adventure!

“Came here to mainly do the lantern tour in the caves. We did it one year ago and came back again because it was so cool.”

JSprad8, CO —
Time: 90 minutes
Summary: A spooky historical adventure.
Frequency: Daily, on the hour
Tour Prices:
  • Ages 0-5Children 6 & over only
  • Ages 6-12$18
  • Ages 13 & Up$31
  • Ages 6-12 (Military Discount)                     10% off
  • Ages 13 & Up (Military Discount)              10% off
How Long is the Tour? Our Lantern Tour is a 1.5-hour trek through rugged caverns and is ideal for more adventurous visitors.

How often do you have Lantern Tours? Depends on what time of year you come.

Summertime (June – August): We have tours daily from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Tours leave on the hour.
Wintertime (September – May): Tours are available daily at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

What Should I bring for the Lantern Tour? Bending down and shuffling your feet is required, and wearing athletic shoes is highly recommended. Please keep in mind your shoes may get muddy while on this tour.
Caving 101
What will I do on the Caving 101 tour? You will explore undeveloped sections of the Manitou Grand Caverns, while climbing and crawling through passageways lit only by flashlight. Whether you are visiting our area for the first time or just looking for things to do in Colorado Springs, you will enjoy this underground adventure like no other! Reservations must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

How Long is it? Knowledgeable guides provide groups with 2 hours of good clean, yet muddy fun underground!

How often do you have Caving 101? The Caving 101 Tour is available at various time throughout the year.

December 16th & 30th 2017, Saturdays ONLY: 9:00am
February 17th & 24th 2018, Saturdays ONLY: 10:00am
March 3rd – April 30th 2018, Saturdays ONLY: 9:00am
May 5th – September 1st 2018, Saturdays ONLY: 8:00am

What Should I bring for a Caving 101 tour?
  • Bring a good flashlight or headlamp
  • A change of clothes, and an extra pair of sturdy athletic shoes – crawling is required and the cave is often muddy.
  • The cave is 54 degrees year round with possibly humid areas so please dress with this in mind.
Time: 120 minutes
Summary: Take an exciting cave trek!
Frequency: Times vary through the year.
Tour Prices:
  • Ages 0-12Children 13 & over only
  • Ages 13 & Up$45

Online Reservations are required for Caving 101 at least 48 hours in advance

Outdoor Activities
HANG ON TO YOUR SEAT! Get ready to take to the skies on the Bat-a-Pult, an epic, 1200-foot round-trip aerial attraction high along the wild and beautiful Williams Canyon. The ride leaves from its roost high in the rafters of our Pavilion, launching you on an epic, 1,200-foot round-trip flight across Williams Canyon at speeds of nearly 40 mph. For little ones, you can experience the thrill with Mom or Dad right at your side!
How much does it cost to ride? $25 per person. A Bat-A-Pult Pass includes unlimited rides and access to the Wind Walker Challenge Course, Cliffhanger Climbing Wall, Geronimo’s Leap and our Stalactykes Adventure Slide.

Requirements: Anyone who is 42” tall, young or old will love this ride! Get ready to slice through the air during the day or, if you’re daring, between dusk and nightfall, just like a bat!
Requirements: 42” or taller, under 300 lbs.
Open: Weather Permitting
Bat-a-pult Prices:
  • Per Person $25

Includes unlimited access on the Bat-a-Pult, Wind Walker Challenge Course, Cliffhanger Climbing Wall, Geronimo’s Leap and Stalactykes Adventure Slide.

Wind Walker Challenge Course
Experience fun and adventure on our unique 3-story obstacle course, the Wind Walker Challenge Course. Balanced atop the edge of Williams Canyon, with a 600 foot drop, the Wind Walker Challenge Course will thrill you with its maze of steel beams, ropes, and ladders.
How hard is the course? This 3-story course is guaranteed to be fun for all ages. There is even a spot where you can venture out and peer directly down into Williams Canyon, if you are up for the extra challenge.

How does it work? After being placed in a full-body harness and attached to an overhead tracking system, you will be able to navigate through the Wind Walker Challenge Course.
Requirements: 42” or taller, under 300 lbs. No shoes that can easily fall off your feet. Shoes must at least have ankle strap and be closed toe
Open: Weather Permitting
Wind Walker Prices:
  • Per Person $25

Includes unlimited access on the Bat-a-Pult, Wind Walker Challenge Course, Cliffhanger Climbing Wall, Geronimo’s Leap and Stalactykes Adventure Slide.

The first of its kind anywhere in the world, this ride sits on the edge of a 200-foot cliff in Williams Canyon in Manitou Springs. Those brave enough to ride will be launched over 150 feet into the canyon at nearly 100 miles per hour! The G-forces on this ride will knock you silly and the free-fall drop will have you laughing and praying for your life at the same time! See the Travel Channel and NBC at Cave of the Winds
How does it work? Once you are securely strapped in, you will free fall over 150 feet into breathtaking Williams Canyon. Your shrieks and laughs will echo through the canyon, and as you swing back and forth over the canyon floor, you’ll be planning to ride the Terror-dactyl again!

Requirements: We recommend this ride for our guests who are at least 48 inches tall, between 100 – 250 pounds.
Requirements: 48” or taller, between 100 and 250 lbs. to ride.
Open: Weather Permitting
Terror-dactyl Prices:
  • Per person, Per ride$50

Cliffhanger Climbing Wall

Geronimo’s Leap

Stalactykes Adventure Slide

Panning for Gemstones

Just like miners used to pan for gold during the gold rush, relive what it was like to be a Colorado adventurer and pan for your very own gemstone collection at our Sluice. Everyone is guaranteed to find some! Panning for gold is fun for the whole family, and kids get a kick out of finding their own souvenirs to bring home.

Josephine Snider Nature Center

Learn a little about the history of Cave of the Winds and its discovery by visiting the Josephine Snider Nature Center located next to the cave entrance.

Food and Shopping

Caver’s Cafe will save the day whether you need a soda, water, ice cream, or a snack! Then stop by Pickett’s Mercantile Gift Shop to pick up some souvenirs, unique gifts, tees and sweats, caps and hats, knives, jewelry, books, glassware, kid’s stuff, unique snacks, Colorado memorabilia, and much, much more. Established all the way back in 1881, Pickett’s is open year-round to the public.