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With two amazing Cave tours, daring attractions, family-friendly and kid-friendly activities atop breathtaking Williams Canyon; Cave of the Winds is the perfect home for Adventure! From morning to night, you’ll find Adventure right here — exploring and soaring on attractions that are anything but boring! You won’t have to look hard to find your next adventure — Adventure lives here!



The first of its kind anywhere in the world, the ride sits on the edge of a 200-foot cliff in the Williams Canyon in Manitou Springs. Those brave enough to ride will be launched 200 feet into the canyon at nearly 100 miles per hour! The G-forces on this ride will knock you silly and the free-fall drop will have you laughing and praying for your life at the same time! Be one of the first to ride the TERROR-dactyl!

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Get ready to take to the skies on the Bat-a-Pult, an epic, 1200-foot round-trip aerial attraction high along the wild and beautiful Williams Canyon. Unlike traditional zip lines, our ride doesn’t end at the bottom. Instead, our unique system pulls you back to the nest.

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Wind Walker Challenge Course

Wind Walker

The Wind Walker Challenge Course is located on the rim of a 600 foot drop into Williams Canyon! Thrill-seekers of all ages can navigate a challenging maze of steel beams, swinging ropes and ladders, wearing a specially designed harness. Safe and fun for the whole family!

More Fun for the Entire Family

Time FreakTime Freak

Bring your family to try out our newest life-sized arcade game!

Time Freak is an exciting new attraction that challenges players to frantically race against the clock to push buttons as they light up. Players score points by racing around the control room, pushing buttons as quickly as possible. The more buttons you push before time runs out the more points you score.

williams canyon

Williams Canyon Overlook

Enjoy spectacular views of the Pikes Peak region from the edge of Williams Canyon, a 700-foot-deep gorge the emerges into Manitou Springs. Outdoor enthusiasts like to hike the 3-mile Williams Canyon trail*, but at the present due to the Waldo Canyon Fire, Williams Canyon is closed to hiking until further notice.

*PLEASE NOTE: We regret to inform you that all access to Williams Canyon is now closed. Due to the Waldo Canyon Fire, Cave of the Winds in cooperation with the United States Forest Service (U.S.F.S.) has close all entry to Williams Canyon. Thank you for your cooperation in aiding in the restoration of Williams Canyon. ALL Trespassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Visitor Center & Gift Shop

Our Josephine Snider Nature Center is a great way to get acquainted with Cave of the Winds history and the geology of the Pikes Peak region. And don’t forget to stop by our gift shop to pick up a unique gift or cave souvenir to remember your adventure! Both are open year-a-round without an admission fee.

Just for Kids

Interested in learning about the other adventures awaiting your little ones at Cave of the Winds?

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Rides and Attractions