Bats & Cave Creatures

Amazing Caves, Amazing Creatures

Caves are tough places to live – they’re dark, cool and wet. The creatures that live in caves have to be pretty amazing! Here’s a look at some of the creatures living in or near Cave of the Winds:

kids love batsBats

Bats are too cool for words! They are able to fly through dark caves because they use echolocation: they send out high-pitched sounds that reflect off walls and objects, and the echoes from those sounds tell them how to navigate. Bats can see, but echolocation works much better in the dark! Bats also have tiny, sharp claws that help them hang from the ceiling. Bats survive by eating a lot of insects – about 50% of their body weight every night! Plus, they eat the bugs that bug us, like mosquitoes. So don’t let anyone tell you any different: Bats are our friends.

Cave Cricket

Cave crickets don’t have echolocation, but they do have long antennae, which they use to feel around in the dark. They also have long back legs, so they can quickly escape from predators.

Cave Spiders

Spiders living in caves can make their webs in cracks, so they’re able to catch mites and flies along the walls and under rocks. Pretty sneaky!


Don’t worry, we don’t usually have bears in our cave! But bears do live in our area, and they love caves. Bears will use a good cave to hibernate through the coldest part of winter. Bears also have good fur that helps keep them warm, and long claws to dig into the dirt of caves.

Ringtail Cat

Ringtails have long, small bodies, so it’s easy for them to enter small cave entrances. They also have large eyes for better vision in the dim light.

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