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Amazing Caves, Amazing Creatures

Caves are tough places to live: they’re dark, cool and wet. The creatures that live in caves have to be pretty amazing! Take a closer look at some of the creatures that live in or near Cave of the Winds including bats, cave crickets, cave spiders and more!

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kids and cavesMillions of years in the making!

Caves don’t start as caves; they form in rocks over millions of years! Most caves are formed in limestone, dolomite, gypsum, and marble – rocks that can be easily dissolved over time. The formation of a cave is a long, slow process!

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care for the caveCaring for the Cave

Caves take millions of years to form, so if something in them is broken or damaged, they can’t just grow back overnight! That means we must be very careful about how we use caves. Wonder what you can do to help take care of cave?

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