Nothing gets children excited about learning like a true hands-on experience! Getting their feet wet or their hands dirty can be the difference between dryly taking in information or truly learning and developing a passionate curiosity about the world around them.

Diversity in Programs

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park offers those hands-on learning experiences, with the ability to literally get their feet wet and their hands dirty. From kindergartners to high school seniors, we have a variety of exhilarating and fun age-appropriate field trips available. Our programs and tours can truly be tailored to fit what your students are excited about, whether you want our experienced and knowledgeable guides to concentrate on history, geology, biology, earth science, physical science, or conservation.

Colorado Standards

Our tours at Cave of the Winds Mountain Park are carefully designed to comply with the Colorado Standards for Education, creating an experience that fits their learning needs while also providing adventure. We list all of the standards for each of our tours and activities, so that you are able to utilize these tools while planning your lessons and curriculum.

Curriculum Support

Follow this link to find the age-appropriate science curriculum worksheets to support your field trip. These worksheets target specific benchmarks taken directly from the Colorado Education Standards for Science. These benchmarks emphasize key concepts in Earth, Physical, and Biology Science classes. Our worksheets are useful as tools that can be incorporated into your teaching.

Worksheets, post-tour student evaluation sheets, and parental permission slips can all be downloaded here. We look forward to helping you foster the excitement around learning about our Colorado cave system.

Download the Colorado Education Standards

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